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I am a Spanish postdoctoral researcher who usually thought that the problems which Spanish government creates to the Spanish population could be solved by the European common politics of the EU and their different institution actions, better than through the politics of Spain. This is the reason why I thought that the European parliament was a new hope not only to Spanish society but also to all the countries inside Europe, and perhaps to the rest of the world as an example of making common and profitable decisions following peace. But the news about the new role of Miguel Arias Cañete in the European Union as a European commissary for climate surprised me absolutely. The career of Mr. Arias Cañete was directly related to the economy based on the petrol industry for long time, and he invested in this kind of energy resource being, therefore responsible somehow on the non-development of the sustainable energy resources at least in Spain (, and he was still being related to this until he was member of the European parliament. With this decision in the EU, now I do not know what kind of politics concerning global change Europe want to follow. In my opinion, if the danger to people on the earth concerning global change is not an immediate glaciation, and if I understood correctly the consequences of hydrocarbon combustion on the greenhouse effect, in order to solve this problematic situation, Mr. Arias Cañete is one of the politics who need to be as far as possible to any comity or public organization responsible to elaborate protocols to protect the society and the biosphere from the global change. If you think the same or if I convinced you about this, please, I prompt you to do what you could do to show that issue to all the members of the European Parliament.

Thank you very much.


Arnau Rodríguez Illamola


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