My frog developer-princess story end

 The story:

And my personal end in courier type letter.

 Nuevo proyecto prestado para la ocasión de Xulio Rodríguez:


The frog developer was cut short when the princess shoved her golden ball back into his mouth. She then pushed him back... the pound but he could grabbed her arms and both of them fell into the water. A crocodile which was waiting for the frog transformation into a tasty human, ate them and the Third Republic turned into an Independent Federation abandoning the building speculations, the companies of the IBEX35 which support Caiman and other island economies, the low quality tourism, eternally creator of poverty, the intensive and unsustainable non-business of the eternally public founded agriculture, the political connections with religions and companies and the public support of the Church, and initiating simultaneously a sustainable development based on the public investment in technological, practical and basic research and in the solar energy. And then, the entire country went out of the union sooner than whatever kingdom, getting finally a good state in terms of general happiness and freedom...

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