What do you know about Catalonia?, where the information you know about Catalonia comes? (In English)

Maybe, desinformation was not invented in Spain, but for sure it was not so well used as in this ultracatholic-kingdom. 

This is a little example of the Spanish information:

PP is the party that governs Spain today (2017) (Do you remember Jose María Aznar, George Bush, Tony Blair and the Azores island and the Irak war plans to find petrol, I mean, to find invented massive weapons? Well, Aznar was also from PP. PP (Popular Party) was the evolution of the name AP (Popular Aliance, more related to the Empire Strikes Back than to the Rebels), AP was founded in Galicia (my region; Northwest Spain) by Manuel Fraga Iribarne, who was "minister" of Tourism of the Iberian dictature with good contacts to Adolf Hitler. In fact, Guernica bombing was a Franco-Hitler first probe to make strategies to bomb London later, during the WWII. Well, Manuel Fraga ordered, if I know well, more than 3 no-war executions. 6 other fascists have founded AP, too, and then PP (only a mask of the same). Now it has also appeared a new extreme right national party (ciudadanos), but right hand parties in Spain are not separated to franquism totally as they have assocoiations with big banks and big companies, which the 80 % of them are in hands of grandchildren of Francisco Franco or friends of Francisco Franco, the Iberian friend of Adolf Hitler. 

There is more: We, (Spanish people who did´t scape from Spain) actually live in a kingdom which here it means that the king of Spain is the boss of the Spanish army and if he wants ("in special circunstances") of the entire country (this is written in our Constitution, even we vote goverments, and the genealogy of the kings was chosen by, you can guess, yes, the Iberian friend of Hitler, Francisco Franco. And the major part of the Spanish people live with this lie in their minds by the desinformation of our "democracy" or they know that but they don´t care about it. Furtheremore, the 40% of people put now and in the past this PP with fascist origins in our goverment. 

Imagine what kind of desinformation we listen in the Spanish media... Imagine that to conclude that 11-M was an islamic terrorist attak and not ETA, we need to be informed by International press or  we need to think by ourselves. Because PP said in that moment that it was ETA and the Spanish press have continued with the lie for 1-2 years. 

So think now what do you know about Catalonia and where the information you know about Catalonia comes...

In Spain never could be possible to trust media, because media, as big companies are and were in hands of friends of the friend of Adolf Hitler. This is not a joke and it is not a lie: 



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